• Are you tired of working as hard as you possibly can not to be recognised for it?
  • Have you been made redundant through no fault of your own?
  • Have you hit a glass ceiling at your present employer and there is no way to progress through the company?
  • Perhaps you are fed up of being ‘micro managed’ and feel you would work better under a different management style?
  • Looking to progress your career in a different environment with a forward thinking company?
  • Perhaps its just time for a change?
Whatever the reason Valisma Consulting promise to do our very best to find your exactly what it is you are looking for and wanting from your next employer.
We promise to give you the best advice you need and require to not only secure your next exciting challenge / role / position but to also give you the advice to help you progress your career within your new opportunity.
For more information on our services or to discuss how we can help find you a new role please in the first instance send your CV across to our Director